Puppy Obedience Training – The Right and Wrong Ways to Train Your Puppy

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Puppy obedience training is something that you can either conduct yourself or hire somebody to do, depending on your preference. Remember, training them right away after getting them is critically important.

If you wait to start and then attempt to change their actions later on you will be simply sending mixed signals, and they won’t know what they did wrong. Often times people who first get a dog find their behavior problems cute and they let them slide.

When they try and crack down on them down the road the dog gets confused because they used to be allowed to do those things-why not know?

So what is the right way to do puppy obedience training? Should you hire a professional or attempt to DIY? The truth is, it just isn’t that hard to train your dog when using the right techniques, and doing so yourself can save you some serious cash.

Consistency is key

Keep in mind that the most important part of puppy training is consistency.

Make sure to use the same commands each and every time, because if you don’t your dog will not understand what to do.

For instance, don’t say “come” one time and “heel” the next, as your dog will not know what to do. Sounds obvious, but an important point nonetheless.

Avoid giving treats

Also remember to use some method to show them they’ve done something good. A common method is giving them a treat, but this isn’t very effective because they will often times only obey you because they want the reward.

If you don’t have a treat then they won’t obey. For this reason clicker training is something many people like to do, because instead of giving them food you just click the clicker every time they do something good.

This works because the dog will come to associate the clicker with something good, and pretty soon will only look for that sound as opposed to a treat.

The reason this is more effective than just praising them is that dogs hear you talking all the time, and therefore they won’t necessarily associate you praising them with something good.

However, since they will only hear the clicker when they’ve done something right, they will instantly know it’s a good thing and will start to listen for it after obeying; it basically takes the place of a treat. Sounds a little far-fetched, but using a clicker is very popular for one reason-it works.

Be positive

Be certain to stay positive with your dog. Don’t ever be overly harsh because this rarely produces the results you want and they will come to resent you.

Make sure not to go too long per session, and a couple brief sessions work more effectively than having 1 long one with puppy obedience training. Younger dogs don’t have much of an attention span and keeping it short helps them focus better.

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How to Potty Train a Puppy the Right Way

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Knowing how to potty train a puppy is a very important piece of knowledge to have with a new dog. This process isn’t difficult or as complicated but it will require some dedicated effort.

How long will it take?

If you do it right you can have a fully trained dog in 4-7 days. Here are some tips to get the job done now.

Don’t wait to train…

Begin the training as early as possible, and a good rule of thumb is to start at around 8 weeks. Prior to this they won’t be advanced enough to learn, but don’t wait much longer than this because it will be more difficult to get them trained when they are older.

It is possible to train an older dog but it’s much more difficult. The earlier you can catch them the quicker they will adapt.

Puppies have to go A LOT

Most recommend letting them out every 2 hours to be safe, although as they age they won’t have to go as often.

Signs they have to go

An important tip for how to potty train a puppy is to notice their behavior right before going, which will help you prevent house accidents.

Many dogs sniff or go around in circles which means they are looking for a spot to go; if you see them doing these things then immediately let them out.

You will only have to do this at first, because once they learn they can’t go in the house they will just ask you to go by standing by the door, barking, or some other method of getting you attention.

How should you handle accidents?

One thing is for sure-regardless of how great a job you do, they will still go in the house from time to time initially. How you handle it is critical.

Never shout at them; instead clap, tell them “no” and instantly let them out where they can complete the job.

This will quickly give them the idea that outside is the place to go and not the house.

The dog needs to know you are the boss; while you shouldn’t be overly harsh with them, being firm is advisable, because dogs only respond to leaders. If they don’t view you as their leader they won’t listen to you.

Remember, the most critical element is to be patient and consistent and make sure to let them out often. If work or other obligations prevent you from letting them out every 2 hours as is recommended, get somebody to do it for you. This is how to potty train a puppy lightning fast.

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Perfect Puppy in 7 Days: How to Start Your Puppy Off Right

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Perfect Puppy in 7 Days: How to Start Your Puppy Off Right

Perfect Puppy in 7 Days: How to Start Your Puppy Off Right

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in just one week. In a simple, fun way, Dr. Sophia Yin tells the story of working with her
dad’s puppy, Lucy, to illustrate how you can train your puppy, too.

Dr. Yin’s positive-reinforcement program leads to a strong bond between you and your pup from day one. Buy your copy today and get started!

This is like no other puppy book you’ve seen before. With over 400 photos it visually takes you through the steps needed to potty train, socialize, and provide your puppy with life skills. And it ensures that your puppy will enjoy behaving well, because it teaches owners how to make good behavior fun. It’s not just about teaching your puppy manners, it’s a step-by-step recipe for bonding with your puppy, learning to communicate with him, and preparing you pup for life! With Dr. Yin’s approach your puppy will learn more in a week than many dogs learn in a year!
-Dr. Marty Becker
“America’s Veterinarian”
Resident veterinarian on Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show
Author of 20 pet books including “Your Dog: The Owner’s Manual”

Raising a puppy successfully takes patience and dedication but the process can be
made a whole lot easier by reading Sophia Yin’s excellent book, Perfect Puppy in 7 Days. Packed with the latest information, Dr. Yin takes the reader into the puppy’s world, helping them to not only understand a puppy’s developmental process, but giving useful tips and techniques to ensure that any puppy becomes a happy, confident adult. This book is a must-have for any puppy parent or canine educator.
-Victoria Stilwell
Dog trainer, author and host of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog

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DOG “POTTY-TRAINING” RESCUE – Learn How To Do It Right Reviews

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The domesticated animal, house-pet and family dog, with all the
joyous, wonderful shared moments are indeed all very precious. These images inspire and are endearing. We all love our pets and want what is best for them. Yet, we also all know that not all is romance, hugs and cuddles. There are also some nastier, less than pleasant aspects and areas to deal with. When it comes to our pets and their smells, odors, bad habits and behaviors in particular, it will be requiring a lot of patience.

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3 Tips On House Training a Puppy – Get Started The Right Way

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house training a puppy
by George G. Hoffman

Just when you thought it was safe to go home, you walk inside and take off your coat.  Then you walk into the living room and you see it. Yep your puppy has gone to the bathroom on your rug… again. So for what seems to bee the fifth time this week, you clean up his mess. You then decide you are sick of doing this and your house training isn’t working. You then start searching for some tips on house training a puppy. You get to work and find these tips to be very effective.

The reason they are effective is that even though they are simple, these tips on house training a puppy are the right way to train. When you start out, the first thing you should know is that training takes patients. You must continue to do it day in and day out in order for it to be effective. To get you started, I’ve provided 3 tips on house training a puppy.

1. Praise your puppy. Praise is the one way your puppy will know for sure that he is doing what you want. So when you take him outside to his bathroom spot, you should praise him happily while he is doing his business. This will encourage your puppy to do it again.


2. Realize your puppy will make mistakes. If your puppy gos in the house during his first few weeks of training, do not scold him. Instead, clean up the mess and say nothing. Silence inside and praise outside will help your puppy figure out what is right and what is wrong. You should also disinfect the area that they made the mistake with a pet urine deodorizer or it will leave a scent that your puppy will pick up, and will end up going to the bathroom there again.

3. You should also have a set time that you feed your puppy. Feeding him at the same time every day and then taking him outside to do his business will establish a routine for your puppy and he will be more incline not to go in your house.

As you can see from these tips on house training a puppy, praise and routine are very important for your puppy. You should continue praising when they go outside, and after a few weeks you will see improvement. If you happen to catch him going to the bathroom in your house after the first couple of weeks, you should respond with a firm “NO” and bring him outside.This will help your puppy realize his mistake, and soon you will have a well trained dog. There are many more tips on house training a puppy, but these should get you started.

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