Potty Train Your Puppy in Just a Few Days

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house training a puppy
by colorblindPICASO

Owning a dog can be the best and worst thing to ever happen to a family, depending on who you ask and when you ask them. So before you even think about adopting a puppy, you need to understand what it will take to get them to the point that they’re house trained. Believe it or not, it is much easier than you think if you follow a few simple rules…

One of the more important rules to follow is that you should prepare your house for potty training before you even bring the puppy home. You should have an area set aside for the puppy that is only for them, and is free from anything that the puppy might construe as threatening or uncomfortable.

Next, begin training your dog immediately. As soon as they come home, lay down some ground rules and do not make any exceptions. It is a thousand times harder to break a dog of bad habits than it is to teach them new ones.

So if you are going to allow a dog to do certain things like get on the furniture, then you have to be willing to always allow them on the furniture. Changing the rules later down the road will only confuse the dog and set back your training.

You should be as consistent as possible with the potty breaks. You should always go to the same spot, whether the puppy wants to go there or not. Consistency is exactly what you’re looking for here: the more consistent you are, the faster the training will go.

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How to Potty Train Puppies Fast

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house training a puppy
by compscigrad

Something that every new pet owner has to face is how to potty train puppies to go outside. This can be done very easy once a routine is established. Take your puppy out often, young puppies have small bladders and can’t hold it long, usually about an hour per month (ex: 3 months old = 3-4 hrs that puppy can hold it). Don’t allow puppy to have free rein of the house.

Setting up a routine is the easiest part of how to potty train puppies to go outside. Schedule a wake up time and bedtime for puppy. Also, feed your puppy at the same time daily. After these activities, after playtime and anytime puppy is awake, don’t forget to take your puppy outside. Put a leash on your puppy and take outside to the same spot, wait for puppy to find “the spot” and once puppy has pottied, praise and let it be know that what they did makes you happy.

Keeping a close eye on puppy is a great way to prevent accidents.

When an accident does happen, don’t scold your puppy (scolding can cause puppy to fear you) for making a mistake, instead clean it up and keep a closer eye on puppy. If you catch puppy in the act, say “no” and immediately take puppy outside to finish the potty training process.

Another great tip for how to potty train puppies is to learn the signs that puppy needs to potty. If you catch puppy running in circles sniffing the ground, take outside immediately and proceed with the training.

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Potty Training Puppies Tip

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house training a puppy
by Scott MacLeod Liddle

If you have a puppy you are probably looking for some great puppy potty training tips that can help you out. I know that it can be a challenge in training your dog to go potty where you want him to and even if you are trying to teach them to go outside it can still be very difficult in teaching your dog. The one positive is that if you are training your dog to go potty outside and the weather is nice you get to enjoy the weather because you will be outside in it quite a bit, but if the weather is nasty you will get cold or wet.

Here is my best tip that I have for anyone that is working on getting a puppy potty trained. The number one tip that I have for anyone that is working on the task of only having to go outside when your dog needs to use the potty then you have found the right tip! I know the tip that I found most helpful for me when I was potty training my puppy would be to take my puppy out right after he ate or drank.

Then after I made sure to take them outside right after that I was told to take them out every fifteen minutes to half hour.

Then just like our children when potty training them and having to take them to the bathroom all the time when we were taking our dogs out that often they would get the point to go potty outside.

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Potty Training Puppy Now

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Every pet owner has to potty train puppy. Setting up a routine is important when potty training puppy. Start immediately upon arriving home with puppy. Keep the potty training experience positive, don’t scold your puppy for mistakes, they don’t know what is right and what is wrong, unless you show them how to act. Scolding can cause fear, they will begin to associate you with a source of pain, instead praise puppy every time they do something good.

When potty training puppy, make sure you take puppy out often. Young pups have small bladders and need to be given plenty of opportunity to relieve themselves. When you take puppy out, make sure you take puppy to the same spot every time, wait patiently while puppy sniffs around and finds “the spot” Once puppy has started to potty, calmly praise them, when finished tell puppy “good potty” and give lots of love and praise.

Let puppy know they did a good job and you are pleased. That’s all most of them want to do is please you.

The best way to avoid accidents is to keep puppy under constant supervision. Accidents can happen when potty training puppy, take it as a learning curve (for you and puppy). Teach your puppy to go outside. When you find a mess on the floor and didn’t catch puppy doing it, just clean it up and keep a closer eye on puppy, don’t scold them for a mess they did earlier, they just won’t understand what your upset about. If you catch them in the act, immediately say “no” and take puppy outside to complete the potty training.

Potty training puppy takes patience and commitment. Keep a positive attitude and praise puppy every time they do a good job, let them know you are pleased. With a well established routine, your puppy will be trained in no time.

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puppy training techniques
by bullcitydogs

The reason to consider Puppy Potty Training

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Everyone will decide to buy a puppy later in life and that is because of the sheer joy that such a wonderful pet will adduce to one’s home. If you have children, they will surely be thrilled of the news. But if you want to make this step, you should know that you will be required to engage in some Puppy Potty Training to make sure that your puppy will be disciplined when he will grow up. Puppy Potty Training really takes a long time if you don’t know who to properly engage in it and for this you might want to consider a dog trainer. Yes, there will be many times that your puppy will hear nature’s call so for this you will need to train him so that you won’t have your entire house smelling like dog pee.

Potty Training Puppies should begin early as any other type of training that you want to score some good results with. Potty Training Puppies will allow you to have a great time with your puppy and at the same time you will be very happy to know that with each day’s surrender, your puppy will become more and more disciplined.

If you choose to go with a dog trainer, he will make sure that he will let you in on some useful Puppy Potty Training Advice that will help you out with dealing with your favorite pet after you will need not his services anymore. Make sure that you follow the Puppy Potty Training Advice as it will definitely make a change in the relation you will develop with your pet. If you see that the pup will not follow your directions, you should never punish him as this is no case a good solution to consider. If you are confronted with this situation, then you will have to have a different approach to it.

If you have your pet staying in a crate, then you should look for some Puppy Potty Training Tips that will teach you how to train him while he’s in it. The Puppy Potty Training Tips will give you an idea on the attitude that you need to employ in order to achieve this. The reason that people are considering crate training is that it is a very successful method that yields very positive results in the training of your puppy. Because he will feel safe in it, you will surely be able to expect some good feedback from him.



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Effective Methods to Potty Train Your Puppy

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house training a puppy
by colorblindPICASO

I can remember it like it was yesterday, it was the day I brought home my first puppy. I was so excited to have this new addition to my family and all I wanted to do is play with him. Within the first hour of having our first family dog, there was a stain on the carpet.

The though never crossed my mind about letting the little puppy outside to go to the bathroom. Watching him pee on the carpet in complete shock made me realize that I needed to teach him where to go to the bathroom.

The problem is I had no idea how to do that! Do I just take him outside until he pees? How do I know when he needs to go to the bathroom? How will he let me know?

So I started my quest to learn how to potty train my new puppy. What I didn’t realize at the time is was as much of an education for me as it was for the puppy. For me it was getting on a regular schedule that helped us both understand what we both needed to do.

Not only did he need to learn to go to potty at certain times, I need to remember to take him out at those times.

One of the biggest secrets I figured out is not punish or yell at him when he did have accidents in the house. When I did get upset and yell at him, it only made him more confused and scared – which set back the training and routine we were building. I just had to bite my tongue and clean up the accidents when they happened.

Once we got on a regular schedule he and I found the spot he liked to go to every time to potty. That made things easier for both of us. We both went to the spot and he started doing his business automatically when we got to “his spot”.

If you are struggling to potty train your puppy take a look at my Potty Train Puppy resources. Learning how to Potty Train your Puppy the right way will make your new puppy experience much more enjoyable.

Fastest Way to Potty Train Your Puppy

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house training a puppy
by zencat7

A little animal can make a wonderful addition to your small family and especially if it is a puppy. Maybe it is little in size, but is really a fun to play with. Fun as much it is to play with one of them, it is also very important them to be trained as what would suit you. Dogs are efficient learners but not as efficient as the humans, therefore you may have to toil a little before enjoying with your little pup to the maximum!

Puppy training is just a larger picture of the training that you need to impart to it. The most important training that a puppy must have is to be potty trained. You’ll not like the fact that dogs if not trained properly can poop anywhere when nature calls- after all they are not as civilized as we are! Therefore just like you potty trained your baby, you have to potty train your pup too! It is not like the pup needs to use a bathroom, but you can make sure that as it grows up, it waits patiently until it finds a good place to potty.

Dogs Love to Follow your Instructions

In case you never noticed or knew, dogs just love to follow their master’s instructions.

This is a major advantage that you have over them when training the puppy. Puppies are fast learners and that is another advantage of bringing a puppy home rather than a full grown dog that takes time to adjust to the demands of its new master. A puppy seeks rewards and incentives in the form of treats and even show of love and affection – use this factor to potty train your pup.

But do not make the treat so large that they actually find nature calling again! One problem with treating little pups is also that they can be very greedy and if you do not know how to restrict the amount of treats, you can actually program them to become stubborn who wouldn’t move an inch without the treat! To avoid such a situation, you need to use the treat sparingly. Another important point to be noted when potty training your pup is that making them understand the importance of calling you when they feel pressure in their bowels. It may take time, but the practice is worth it. In case that you’re not present when it feels the pressure, train it to use a pre-assigned place for potty.

Time Management for Dogs – Tuning their Body Clock!

Like humans are programmed to stay awake in the morning and sleep at night, get up in the morning and complete their bathroom formalities, puppies also need to be trained in time management too! It is surprising that an important term such as this has moved out from the ethos of managerial discussions to be applicable to a simple puppy potty training! After all, whether animals or humans, all of need to be trained to be able to live as the society demands of us.

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How to Potty Train Your Puppy Quickly

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house training a puppy
by Vox Efx

Need to know how to potty train your puppy to go outside? If you are a new pet owner, upon arriving home with your new puppy, you will have to house train them, which includes potty training. The potty training process won’t take long if you can develop a schedule. Dog’s are creatures of habit and will adjust to a routine quickly. Don’t allow your puppy any unsupervised play time to avoid accidents.

Upon arriving home with your new puppy or even if you have had your puppy for a while, it is best to establish a routine. Start by scheduling a wake up time, a bedtime, feed meals at the same time daily. Take your puppy outside to potty often (they have really small bladders). When you take your puppy outside to potty, go with them and take them to the same spot, wait patiently while they find “their spot”. Once puppy has done it’s business, praise by saying “good potty”.

Try to keep your puppy with you at all times or in a crate (this will help to speed up the house training process), so puppy doesn’t have an accident without you catching them.

If you find a squishy mess, just clean it up, Don’t scold the puppy, this can cause puppy to fear and then begin hiding where they potty (which is a little harder to break), instead keep a closer eye on puppy. If you catch puppy in the act take them outside and show them where they need to go.

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Learn How to Potty Train a Puppy Fast

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Every new pet owner who keeps their puppy in the house will have to potty train them. Keep in mind that young puppies have small bladders and should be taken out often. When you potty train puppy using a crate can help to speed up the process. Establish a routine and stick to it, try to keep a close eye on your puppy, so you can watch for accidents. Here’s how to do just that.

When you potty train puppy establish a routine that you and puppy can live with. Make sure you take puppy out after meals, when waking up, before bed, any time she comes out of the crate (if using one). Set up a wake up and bedtime for your puppy and be consistent. Feed meals at the same time everyday. Also, try to keep a very close eye on your puppy so she doesn’t leave any surprises behind.

If you are potty training puppy and she has an accident, don’t scold her.

If you don’t catch her in the act, just clean it up with a cleaner and keep a better eye on puppy. If you catch her in the act, take her outside and let her finish and continue with the potty training process. Scolding puppy will only make her frightened and she will begin hiding it. Bad habits are harder to break.

The best way to potty train puppy is to be patient and consistent. With an established routine puppy will be potty trained in no time. When you take puppy outside to potty, try to take her to the same spot every time and reward her when she goes.

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training a puppy
by Axel Bührmann

Puppy Potty Training Tips – Dog Training Academy

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house training a puppy
by Oberazzi

Almost everyone love dogs but of course they do not like having their litter around. But do not expect them to behave just like humans do. After all, they are dogs that need your assistance, guidance and training.

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If you want your puppies or dogs to behave the way you want them to then you have to start it now and do it well. Here is some puppy potty training tips that you can make use of. Know it well and make sure that you make use of each tips mentioned and discussed.

Learn about their digestive system, they usually have a faster digestive system that is why you need to watch out after your dog eats. Take the dog out for walks; take note take him out of the house or somewhere he can poop after his or her meals.

Also, take your dog out before he or she takes a nap. An early morning walk can also be satisfying.

Always supply them with fresh water supply. You do not want to kill them with thirst or make them die without savoring water. It is very much important because you do not want to dehydrate them. Keep your puppies closed. Create a bond that can help strengthen your relationship with each other.

Make them as comfortable as they can be. See to it that you make them as close to you and help them become the puppies you want them to be. You have to teach tem basic puppy potty training tips. Give them nutritious dog food and they will surely help. Puppies as long as they are well taken care of they are great to have.

Take care of your dog and puppies they are your sole priority. As long as you give them what they want, they will be loyal to you.

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