The Great Importance of Basic Puppy Training

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Welcoming a new puppy into one’s family is a very exciting experience. Dog lovers all over the world can attest to the fact that there is nothing that can compare to the love and affection that a dog can offer to its humans. However, a puppy should be taught certain rules that it must follow to maintain a harmonious relationship with its humans. This article presents some basic puppy training tips to help out new puppy owners.

The first thing to be done for a new puppy is to have him checked by a veterinarian to make sure that its shots are complete and that it is healthy enough to undergo a training program. One of the basic things that dog owners have to know is that dogs thrive on routine. So when it comes to house training there should only be one designated place for each particular task such as an eating place, a toilet place, and a sleeping area.

There must be a clear schedule of walking, feeding, and training the puppy.

Food and water should be supervised closely because overfeeding it will result in the untimely need to relieve themselves. The first thing to invest in when one is giving basic puppy training is an adjustable collar and a three-in-one training leash. Toys and chewable treats should also be available at all times.

Puppies learn very quickly, especially if the training involves proper encouragement and correction techniques. Once the puppy does a behavior correctly the human should reward it by giving the puppy some treats or by simply saying “good boy” or “good girl” while gently stroking its fur. The most crucial thing here is timing. The reward should be given right after the behavior is done so that the puppy understands that he should repeat that behavior in order to get a reward. Humans should also be firm when it comes to basic puppy training. You should only give treats when a behavior is done correctly and not too much, such as when it gives you that cute puppy look.

When it comes to house training one of the most desired methods is paper training. This is done by scattering old newspaper in the places where the puppy usually relieves itself. For the first few times the puppy will surely miss the spot but if the human keeps a soiled newspaper in the designated toilet area the puppy has the tendency to sniff out the smell and follow it. It will then understand that this particular place is where it should do its business.

Humans should understand that it takes awhile for puppies to fully grasp the rules in the house. So a lot of patience and commitment is needed to successfully train it. Humans just have to stretch their patience out a bit more and eventually the efforts will pay off.

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Good Owners, Great Dogs

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Good Owners, Great Dogs

Good Owners, Great Dogs

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Puppy Training Classes – A Great Way to Train Your Puppy

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There are many different classes available but who would have thought there was puppy training classes. Within these classes you and your puppy will be able to begin all the great training routines that you’d like to start with your puppy as well as other different things you may not have thought about training your puppy to do.

These classes are a great way to get your puppy comfortable with other puppies and dogs so that in the future you don’t have the problem of other animals encountering your dog and a fight breaking out. The classes teach your puppy to be well mannered and also show you ways to keep your puppy well behaved.

Not everyone wants to opt into these classes as they cost money, but if you are willing to pay a few extra dollars to have an even better chance at training your puppy then do it. A lot of people take their puppies into these courses to help minimize the struggles of training their puppy on their own and have the help of a professional who knows all the ropes of puppy training.

Puppy training classes can be made available to you through many different ways and usually your local pet stores will be able to direct you to a class that would meet your needs and expectations.

Some classes may only be available a certain time of the year so ensure you look at your options first when you are considering a training class for your puppy.

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