House Training a Golden Retriever

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house training a puppy
by Malingering

Just when you thought your little golden ball of fur couldn’t get into any more trouble, you walk into your living room to find he has done it again. Your golden retriever, who looks so innocent, has managed to go to the bathroom on your rug again, and while you thought you were watching him. You may think that any training you are trying just isn’t working but the fact is that house training a golden retriever takes a lot of constant supervision from you, and as you already know, if you take your eyes off him for a second, he ends up in trouble.

House training a golden retriever begins with you, and you should keep a very close eye on your puppy. One way to easily do this is by using a crate. Crate training works well because it keeps him out of trouble especially when you can’t watch him because you are cooking dinner or have to run to the store. Crate training works by putting your pup in his crate for a short amount of time, or at bedtime. You will need to take him out every hour at first until his bladder matures and he can hold it for longer. Your retriever won’t go to the bathroom in his crate unless he absolutely has no other choice, so if he does soil his crate it just means you left him in there too long.

You should also remember to give your retriever lots of praise when he does something right, like go to the bathroom outside instead of inside. This will help him to realize that he did what you want and will do it again. Praising your dog works best if you do it when he is performing the action. You would say something like “good boy!” and maybe give him a treat. That way he knows that performing the action he is doing is desirable and he will try to repeat this again.

As you can see, house training a golden retriever does take some work from you, and may even result in some sleepless nights, but if you keep at it you won’t have to worry about messes on your rug anymore.

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The Golden Rules of Dachshund Puppy Training

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house training a puppy
by Oberazzi

Dachshunds are popular among dog owners primarily because of their unique body length and tiny legs. These dogs are generally fun-loving, energetic, and tenacious. On the downside, they also have a tendency to be irritable and jealous of other small animals. The good thing is that they are very loyal and affectionate, traits that endear them to many dog owners’ hearts.

If you are preparing your new dog for Dachshund puppy training, among the most important things to remember is to keep them away from children as much as possible. Just as Dachshunds can be very jealous of other small pets, they can also be intolerant of overly enthusiastic children. If they get annoyed by the presence of children, they have a tendency to snap or bite. It is therefore best to choose a different breed if your household includes very young children who just happen to love playing with dogs.

Another unacceptable behaviour that is unfortunately part of a Dachshund’s nature is the propensity to dig. These dogs were originally bred to burrow after prey, which is why digging is second nature to them. Training your dog not to dig should therefore be an integral part of Dachshund puppy training. Otherwise, your dog could wreak havoc in your garden, or worse yet, your neighbour’s.

Digging also poses the danger of your dog going under your fence, running into the streets, and possibly getting run over by a passing car. It is therefore important to check your fence before bringing a Dachshund puppy home. Your fence should be buried at least two feet below the ground or you should place chicken wire or large rocks at its base to discourage your dog from digging in that area.

Another threat posed by digging is the possibility of your dog unwittingly digging in areas that contain harmful chemicals. You should therefore prepare your house for Dachshund puppy training by burying things that your dog doesn’t like in areas where you do not want him to dig. It is also advisable to designate an area where it is okay for your dog to dig so that his digging instincts can be satisfied.

A positive, reward-based Dachshund puppy training method usually works best because these dogs respond much better to positive rather than negative reinforcement. You would also do well to remember that Dachshunds are largely driven by food, so their favourite food treats are the best type of rewards to be given during training.

And just like any other breed of dogs, the primary golden rules of Dachshund puppy training are consistency and patience. You and the rest of your family must be consistent in letting your dog know which behaviours are acceptable and which are not. House rules must be laid down and training should start as soon as you bring the dog home. You should also be patient in giving your dog enough time to learn all the rules. But most of all, you should bear in mind that training needs to be a fun experience for both you and your dog.

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Basic Commands For Golden Retriever Puppy Training

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house training a puppy
by robswatski

It is a known fact that owning a golden retriever is so much fun. But a responsible owner must also bear in mind that he needs to start with the golden retriever puppy training as soon as possible. Some might even still be wondering why a puppy should be trained in the first place when training a puppy is very time consuming. Well, these people must understand that it will be much more difficult to deal with the dogs bad habits if he grows up untrained. Training a golden retriever puppy can be a bit tough because they can really not learn a lot when they are still too small. Thus, starting off with the most basic puppy command to train a golden retriever puppy is the best way to start. Some basic commands can start order in the puppys life so when they get older, more training can be started.

The idea of training a puppy is by using a non word command and using hand gestures to show them what you want them to do. You must also understand that puppies have a very short attention span so long sessions of training will not be beneficial to both the puppy and the owner. Practicing several sessions of 10 minutes each per day will bring forth a good result. Never also forget that retrievers loves to be rewarded, so never forget those little puppy treats for every perfectly accomplished commands.

To begin with your puppy training, start with the most basic commands such as sit, stay, and come. Use a one word command. Your dog will not get it if you will stay stop running around the house. Instead you must say, goldie, sit, or goldie stay. The best way to say these commands is by saying the dogs name followed by the command. Training must be started by using the name of the dog right from the very start. It is highly recommended to use the puppys name as much as possible until you notice that he is beginning to understand that he is responding to his name and with the command that goes with it very well.

Aside from the fact that golden retrievers are very intelligent, it is also a proven fact that it is the sound that the dogs get used to. You are wrong if you are thinking that your dog understands the words youre saying if youre angry. What he understands is that the tone of your voice changes which means that you are not happy. Therefore, if you are training your dog, use a firm voice so that they would recognize that you mean business when you give command.

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Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy

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house training a puppy
by paul+photos=moody

Golden retrievers are just about the most perfect dog a family can have. It represents its species so well and they have some fantastic traits. They have high intelligence, loyalty, good looks, and a loving and affectionate nature. These are one of the few dogs which form a very strong bond — which can last a lifetime — with humans. Training your new Golden retriever puppy can be an exciting experience.


Your puppy, as is any young animal, maybe a bit unruly and excitable to start with. Goldies must have the companionship of people or a family, and they cannot be left outside by themselves all day. They love being active and can swim, retrieve, track things, and they love to do agility training.


Golden retrievers have been around for over 100 years. It’s a sporting breed and comes from Scotland. They can also be known by the names of yellow retriever or Goldie.

They have a gentle expression, they are muscular, and very beautiful. There’s nothing like being greeted with the gentle sway of that huge golden tail, when you enter your home. These dogs have a double coat and it’s quite weatherproof.


Females weigh less than males do but both of them are easy to train and handle. They serve in many capacities as service dogs, companions, guide dogs for the blind, and narcotics detection dogs. Goldie thrive on human attention and they simply have to be involved in everything a family does. They do suffer from separation anxiety if they get bored and have nothing to do. If raised correctly, they are friendly to all people and animals as well as being inquisitive and confident, adaptable, and stable.


Puppies must first be taught obedience, basic training, socialization.

As they grow older they are very capable and trainable. Always use a positive and reward-based training method with lots of encouragement and praise. Never use intimidation because these animals are intelligent and deserve a better method of training. Your new puppy will be an avid student for crate training, house training, and other basic obedience commands.


Down, stay, no, and heel — are the four basic commands which every dog should learn at an early age. If your young dog urinates in the wrong place and at the wrong time, then you can learn to overcome this with gentle reassurance and calming methods. Puppies, because theyare just babies, can get overly excited and can be completely oblivious to the fact that they are urinating in the wrong place. Calm your young dog down and it will soon learn what is appropriate, and what is not.


Always train your dogs in a gentle way, and especially golden retrievers. These animals are wonderful and if taught well and kindly, they will turn out to be the most perfect family dog you could ever have.

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House Training a Golden Retriever Puppy – 3 Tips You Might Not Know

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house training a puppy
by Vanessa (EY)

It happens again. You come home from work, only to find that your golden retriever puppy has soiled your new carpet. You throw up your arms in defeat, and wonder “how can I go about house training a golden retriever puppy before its to late?” As you clean up the mess you try to think of ways to stop this from happening again. You think ” I’ll just have to tie him up in the yard while I’m away.” Then you realize that may not be the best way to go, so you decide “I’ll just learn about house training a golden retriever puppy so i will know what I should do.” That seems like a much better approach.

If you have faced a similar situation, you know how frustrating it can be. The puppy seems so cute and harmless sitting there that you felt you just had to take him home. So now you need to begin house training a golden retriever puppy, and one of the first things you should know is it takes patience and determination because your puppy may not respond to your training right away.

You will need to keep doing it consistently every day, but you will see results. You just have to stay motivated!

Some tips that really help when you are house training a golden retriever puppy are:

1. Golden retrievers love praise! When you take your puppy outside to go to the bathroom, praise him in a happy voice while he is doing his business. This will help him realize that he is doing what you want, and will let him know he should continue to do so.

2. When you first start house training a golden retriever puppy, you should know that he may have an accident in the house. The key here is not to scold him. As much as you want to, it is more effective to just say nothing.

Your puppy will know the difference between your praise outdoors, and the silent treatment indoors.

3. Scold him only if after the first few weeks of training, you catch him going inside. But only if you catch him. All that is needed is a firm “NO” and take him out side. This will help him realize going outside is what you want him to do.

As you can see, house training a golden retriever puppy is not hard to do, as long as you have patience with your puppy, he will try to do his best to please you. Soon you can stop worrying if you are going to come home to another mess, and start looking forward to going home to your wonderful golden retriever.

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