House Training Dogs Effectively

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house training a puppy
by zencat7

When you are house training dogs, the first thing that definitely needs disciplining and controlling would be… your temper! Short-tempered owners and trainers are in danger of not achieving the training goals for the dog. You need to keep in mind that prior to the training, midway to it and when it ends, the pet has a reasonable need to take his time learning. If you think you are the determined and patient type, then you certainly can give training a shot.

House training dogs presents a big challenge for you and your dog: getting your dog to pee and poo where you want him to. Without housetraining, your house will turn out very smelly, and your furniture and furnishings might be seriously ruined.

A second tip to get good results in house training your dog is to praise the pet whenever he does something right. Make allowances and understand that the odd accident will strike now and then.

Do your best and never shout at the dog. Giving punishment of any sort, especially physical or mental, need to be prevented. The key here is to reach out and aim for understanding in a firm yet amiable way with your dog. If you are consistent, time will come that your dog will see what you mean and will relieve himself at the right place, at the stretch of time that you would expect he would. Positive reinforcements and repetitions of the process will help your dog comprehend the correct way and spot to get rid of his waste.

Now here are some more details and tips that support what we have discussed so far about house training dogs. A physical way of reprimanding your dog when he eliminates in the wrong area can backfire, since the dog is likely to associate punishment with the act of eliminating itself.

Then this can further lead to the dog developing the fear of being seen eliminating, and as a result may either be hesitant to go, or will go off to hide his waste somewhere else in the house.

Examples of moments when the puppies will generally need to do to pee and-or potty are after eating, or upon waking up. Responsible owners will look for the place (a temporary one inside the house, or the more permanent one outside) for the puppy to go. An example of a relief spot is perhaps near his sleeping quarters in the laundry with a good supply of newspapers.

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How A New Dog Owner Can Effectively House Train A Puppy

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house training a puppy
by zencat7

If you are a first time dog owner then it is important that you are consistent and clear when you house train a puppy. Treat the puppy as you would a newborn baby. It has no concept of right or wrong; he will learn this depending on how you react to his behavior. If he makes mistakes or has accidents, you are also partly to blame because you did not train him well enough or take him out.

First, you have to consider what kind of things you want to train the puppy for. It might be difficult to teach several things at the same time, so you can probably choose a command and focus on that first before you move on to the next. You should start by training him where to eliminate after eating. Once he has mastered this, you can also train him not to chew on the furniture and many other dog obedience commands.

Second, because consistency is key, set a schedule for when you feed your dog and accompany him to his designated area to potty afterwards.

This is crucial at the early stages of his life. So no matter how busy you are, do not skip this or else it will take your dog longer to understand where he is to go. Also it is important to spend more time with the dog so that you can reward him for good behavior or stop him from bad behaviors. A dog will not associate being scolded to a previous action. It will just confuse him on what he has done wrong to deserve the punishment.

You should focus on getting your dog to do his business in the same spot. Bring him there within 15 minutes after he has eaten. You can also try soaking his urine in a towel and placing it at the same spot. That way when he picks up his own scent, he will relieve himself there every time. If he accidentally urinates inside the house, clean it immediately or he will associate this place with the scent and do it again.

Assign a place for him to sleep, but do not place him there when you are trying to punish him. If he has to be punished, show him immediately what you want him to do. Dogs would do anything to be near you and get your attention and they will try to be on their best behavior just to be close to you again. An effective way to house train a puppy is by being excited in rewarding your dog and patting it for good behavior. You might notice he will even appear smug as he tries to show you his good behavior and expectantly waits for his reward.

When you house train a puppy be firm but give space for mistakes. It is not easy to learn new tricks, especially in new surroundings. Give him time to familiarize himself with the area and your family members. Get them to house train the puppy as well and avoid conflicting instructions which can leave your puppy confused.

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