Back to the Basics When Litter Training a Puppy

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One of the very best reasons to litter train a dog when they are puppies is the reason of control. Self control of an animal is important to have so that mistakes don’t happen in unwarranted places. If a dog doesn’t get trained when they are a puppy it’s much harder to teach them what to do after they are grown a few years. That’s the reason why going back to the basics when litter training a puppy is so important to do.

No doubt it’s not a lot of fun to litter train a puppy cleaning up newspaper inside your house but it’s a necessary step in the success of your dog having self control. Now here is the tricky part of litter training a puppy. Make sure you have plenty of newspaper around. Put these newspapers all around your house and the first time you spot your puppy’s business clean it up. Now get your litter box and put newspaper in it at the same spot the puppy went on.

When your puppy goes inside the litter on the newspaper your half way there.

Now from this point on put dog litter inside the litter box at the same spot where the puppy does his business. Move the litter box around the room until you put it in the laundry room or wherever you want the dog to do its business. You are now a certified puppy dog trainer. I’m sure you will feel good about yourself that you have a puppy that has manners. But training doesn’t stop there because there a lot more discipline needed in order to have a command dog.

Situations will arise where you need leash train your dog. Do you know the best place to leash train your dog? Does your dog cause problems with the neighbors? Does your dog follow your commands? Answers to these questions and more are available to you right now.

If you need to have more information on how best to control your dog and how to train them with the latest techniques then you have an offer to get that information for free. Visit to get a report that will help you train your dog so that you can be proud of it both in private and public settings.

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Training a Puppy – The Basics No Family Should Be Without

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So you finally got that puppy you’ve been wanting for a while. The next thing you have to do is train him so he is an obedient puppy that the whole family will be able to enjoy. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on fancy professional training, there are ways you can do it yourself. Training a puppy at home does not have to be a formal ordeal. You actually can just do the basics and still have a well-mannered dog in the end. The basics typically include leash training and the obedient commands such as sit, stay and roll over.

The reason that leash training is an important basic step when it comes to training a puppy is because you need to walk your dog, as well as take him out to use the bathroom. Unless you are one of the few fortunate people who have acres of land, you need to get your dog accustomed to using a leash. The best way to accomplish this is with positive reinforcement.

If you use negative reinforcement, this only will scare your puppy away and he will be afraid to do anything. However, you should not give treats every time because this can get bad for his health. Verbal praise will suffice.

The same goes when you are training a puppy on the obedience commands. The best way to get your puppy to learn these commands is by starting out using both verbal and hand commands. Once your puppy is beginning to get the hang of things, you should start using just one way. Make sure you switch up how you give the command because that will teach your puppy to respond to both. You also should give verbal, physical and treat rewards. Verbal rewards are the best way to go though.

One reason why many owners find training a puppy to be a great thing to do on their own is because it is a huge bonding experience.

In addition, many people do not find it is necessary for their pet to know all these different training methods because they often do not use them. Instead, they find they have a well-mannered dog who knows all it needs. When you really think about it, all a puppy really needs to know are the basics, such as leash training and a few of the obedient commands.

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The Very Basics of Training Your Dog

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The Very Basics of Training Your Dog

Canine training is the same as for all animals, you communicate to your dog what you want him to do; when the dog has performed as desired, you reward him. You immediately repeat the exercise a few times and review it frequently until the dog’s response to the command is practically automatic. But of course it isn’t quite as simple as it sounds.
In the first place, communications with your dog are limited. Sometimes you can demonstrate the action you want him to perform. Sometimes you h

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