Basic Training Techniques For Dogs

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Dogs make wonderful pets and excellent companions. They have always been known as “man’s best friend”. But in order to be a good household pet and a good doggy citizen they need to be trained. They also need to be trained to be safe and happy members of your family.

You should start training your puppy for obedience as soon as he arrives at your house. The training will be ongoing until he is about a year old and then while he may be considered “fully trained”, you will still need to work with him to keep his skills sharp for the rest of his life. A well-trained dog is a pleasure to own and a pleasure to be around.

The number one rule of dog training is that you must be the “alpha dog”. Some people may not like that term but the fact is that dogs are pack animals and they expect to have a leader. You must be the leader and all of the human members of your family must outrank your dog in the pack order.

Dogs will do anything for the leader of the pack so that must be you.

You must not ever allow your dog to show dominance. Teach him to wait for his food until you are ready to give it to him. Do not ever let him eat before you do. This is a subtle thing that is important when establishing dominance.

Do not ever allow your puppy to do things that you will not allow him to do as an adult dog. This includes jumping and nipping at you. One of the most important things in training a dog is consistency. A dog cannot reason like a human and he will not understand that it is okay to jump on you in your play clothes but not in your business suit. He also won’t understand why he could do something as a puppy but he can’t continue to do it as an adult dog.

Be consistent.

A crate will make all of your training easier. Dogs actually want a comfy and cozy place that is their own and they feel safe and secure in a crate. At the beginning your puppy may whine but you will need to just leave him there and he will adjust. A crate will make housetraining and obedience training both much easier.

It is important for your dog’s own safety to sit and stay. You must be able to get your dog to stop and stay if necessary. It is important to be able to control you dog at times and you will need to make sure that he is compliant with your commands in order to avoid problems like running off or jumping all over the visitors to your house.

Training your dog to walk on a leash and to heel is also an important lesson. And after the basics you will probably want to teach your dog some fun things like fetching. A well-trained dog makes the best pet so do not slack on your duties as a responsible pet-owner.

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Basic Commands For Golden Retriever Puppy Training

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It is a known fact that owning a golden retriever is so much fun. But a responsible owner must also bear in mind that he needs to start with the golden retriever puppy training as soon as possible. Some might even still be wondering why a puppy should be trained in the first place when training a puppy is very time consuming. Well, these people must understand that it will be much more difficult to deal with the dogs bad habits if he grows up untrained. Training a golden retriever puppy can be a bit tough because they can really not learn a lot when they are still too small. Thus, starting off with the most basic puppy command to train a golden retriever puppy is the best way to start. Some basic commands can start order in the puppys life so when they get older, more training can be started.

The idea of training a puppy is by using a non word command and using hand gestures to show them what you want them to do. You must also understand that puppies have a very short attention span so long sessions of training will not be beneficial to both the puppy and the owner. Practicing several sessions of 10 minutes each per day will bring forth a good result. Never also forget that retrievers loves to be rewarded, so never forget those little puppy treats for every perfectly accomplished commands.

To begin with your puppy training, start with the most basic commands such as sit, stay, and come. Use a one word command. Your dog will not get it if you will stay stop running around the house. Instead you must say, goldie, sit, or goldie stay. The best way to say these commands is by saying the dogs name followed by the command. Training must be started by using the name of the dog right from the very start. It is highly recommended to use the puppys name as much as possible until you notice that he is beginning to understand that he is responding to his name and with the command that goes with it very well.

Aside from the fact that golden retrievers are very intelligent, it is also a proven fact that it is the sound that the dogs get used to. You are wrong if you are thinking that your dog understands the words youre saying if youre angry. What he understands is that the tone of your voice changes which means that you are not happy. Therefore, if you are training your dog, use a firm voice so that they would recognize that you mean business when you give command.

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Basic Puppy Training Tips – Crate Training

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by permanently scatterbrained

Every human being, has at some time or other, wanted to be away from it all. Wanted to be alone, with time all to them selves. Imagine the gratitude of such a person, if his or her boss just planned a vacation for them and sent them on it.

How would you feel if your boss insisted that you go on a vacation and planned it all for you? Elated I suppose? Would you expect your boss to do that for you?

A human does not expect such things of its master, but believe me, a dog does. Dogs expect certain things of their masters. It is their primal instinct that domestication seems to have promoted and fostered over the centuries that canines have been domesticated by man.

At times, a dog needs a secure place, a place unto themselves, a place to rest, and it hopes that its master would lead it to such a place or provides for such a place, and to that end, is the Dog Crate, the much debated, much misunderstood, yet extremely useful and indispensable crate training.

To the majority of dog lovers, the idea of crate training a puppy is nothing but an inhumane and cruel act.

Very much to the contrary, it is one of the most important methods used in dog training by experts all over the world.

By nature, canines do not sleep in their urine or feces. The crate has so been designed bearing that part of the dog’s nature in mind.

The crate is normally only big enough for the dog to stand in, and lie down in, with no room to walk around or climb up. A puppy confined in a crate will not soil itself as it will not dirty the place it has to sleep in.

Such confinement of puppies is employed to toilet train them.

After a certain amount of time of confinement in a crate , they are then taken out in their crates to areas designated for their toiletry purposes and then released.

The puppy would relieve itself immediately it comes out of the crate.

This done repeatedly trains the puppy to relieve itself in the designated area only and not anywhere and everywhere inside the house. This has been the conventional way of house breaking or toilet training a puppy.

Crate training, is not only meant for the purpose of toilet training a puppy. It has more uses than that. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, a dog needs its own space, a place it identifies as its own. A crate can be used to that end.

To begin with the crate should never, I repeat never used to punish the puppy, because it should not learn to fear or hate the crate.

You can start by placing the crate with its doors open in a room filled with people. Lead your puppy to it. Do not push it in. Entice it to enter it by placing interesting things like a toy it likes inside.

Remember the crate is going to be the dog’s personal haven that I mentioned at the beginning of the article. The crate is going to be the place where the dog will retreat to, to get away from the stress of it all.

The dog should feel very comfortable when inside the crate. This is the much debated crate training. In fact it can be a very enjoyable experience for your dog.

He is inside the crate, the doors are open. Remain in your dog’s sight and hearing at all times. When you feel that he looks relaxed in the crate, attempt to close the doors. He may whimper and get upset, but if you let him out, he will use the same ploy to get out, every time you lock him in. Remain insight and wait till he settles down, which he will, before opening the crate doors again.

The next step in crate training would be to get the puppy so used to and comfortable in it, that it will feel safe when it is confined in it and that too, alone.

Place playthings inside the crate to occupy him. Once you notice he has relaxed leave the room for a short period of time then return. Repeat the act of leaving the room and keeping alone, but increase the amount of time that you are away. You can even now safely leave the house but do not keep a pup confined and alone for a period of more than 4 hours

A puppy thus crate trained, will be a disciplined dog, giving you the freedom most other pet owners do not have.

You can schedule your dog’s activities and yours, because you now have the ability to get the dog into the crate where it will be happy and content for 4 to 6 hours, alone or surrounded by other people or activity.

Follow these crate training, basic puppy training tips, and you will be a contented and happy dog owner, with a happy and contented dog, because you as its master have provided the safe haven it can retreat to when it wants to and needs to, it its crate.

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The Great Importance of Basic Puppy Training

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Welcoming a new puppy into one’s family is a very exciting experience. Dog lovers all over the world can attest to the fact that there is nothing that can compare to the love and affection that a dog can offer to its humans. However, a puppy should be taught certain rules that it must follow to maintain a harmonious relationship with its humans. This article presents some basic puppy training tips to help out new puppy owners.

The first thing to be done for a new puppy is to have him checked by a veterinarian to make sure that its shots are complete and that it is healthy enough to undergo a training program. One of the basic things that dog owners have to know is that dogs thrive on routine. So when it comes to house training there should only be one designated place for each particular task such as an eating place, a toilet place, and a sleeping area.

There must be a clear schedule of walking, feeding, and training the puppy.

Food and water should be supervised closely because overfeeding it will result in the untimely need to relieve themselves. The first thing to invest in when one is giving basic puppy training is an adjustable collar and a three-in-one training leash. Toys and chewable treats should also be available at all times.

Puppies learn very quickly, especially if the training involves proper encouragement and correction techniques. Once the puppy does a behavior correctly the human should reward it by giving the puppy some treats or by simply saying “good boy” or “good girl” while gently stroking its fur. The most crucial thing here is timing. The reward should be given right after the behavior is done so that the puppy understands that he should repeat that behavior in order to get a reward. Humans should also be firm when it comes to basic puppy training. You should only give treats when a behavior is done correctly and not too much, such as when it gives you that cute puppy look.

When it comes to house training one of the most desired methods is paper training. This is done by scattering old newspaper in the places where the puppy usually relieves itself. For the first few times the puppy will surely miss the spot but if the human keeps a soiled newspaper in the designated toilet area the puppy has the tendency to sniff out the smell and follow it. It will then understand that this particular place is where it should do its business.

Humans should understand that it takes awhile for puppies to fully grasp the rules in the house. So a lot of patience and commitment is needed to successfully train it. Humans just have to stretch their patience out a bit more and eventually the efforts will pay off.

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Puppy Training Techniques – The 4 Basic Things to Consider

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You brought a new beautiful puppy home and the whole families are happy seeing him joining the family. The puppy will get confuse in the kind of atmosphere of excitement he is seeing himself. But as times goes on he will get use of the scenario and adapt with the family on like the first time you brought him. But for you to make this to work, you need a puppy training technique to implement to achieve this kind of result. You can get this kind of technique if you want. But I’m going to give you the best 4 basic techniques to implement.
So many people have the problem of their puppy pooping any where in their house. Puppies do not come with potty trained and they can do it anywhere whenever they feel like it. This puppy training technique will determine how the puppy will relate to the family and how well you can enjoy him. When using this kind if training, please avoid using any form of punishment, treat him like your baby. Puppies like it when you praise them instead of spanking them. By you praising them, they will want to impress you by doing well all the time. That is what puppy or dogs are known for.
When you leave your puppies to grow up to become dogs without you giving them an effective training like this kind of puppy training techniques am about to give to you, you cant be able to train them any more when they are matured. These are the basic techniques you can implement to achieve success.
Good communications- you must understand when your dog need to potty. Every puppies have signs when they want to do there thing, by wondering around the house to pacing. These are the signs when they need it.
Positive reinforcement- this are the basic training that must be implemented. This kind of training is the combination of whether teaching him when to go out and poop or things like sit, stand, down, kneel. Be consistence when training him to make him understand fast. Make sure you involve your family members in the training. But you must tell them the kind of word to use so as not to complicate issues. Avoid spanking of your puppy; also let your family member know about this. Praise is the key word here, because that is what makes them want to learn fast.
Good timing- timing is the most effective thing to implement to make you puppy know when to always do his thing. Always take your puppy out in the morning to a particular place where you want him to be doing his thing. Make sure that you have a particular place and time when feeding him. After finished feeding him, take him outside for toilet on every half or an hour. This will make them understand their routine and the time frame.
Crate training- let him understand the importance of the crate. Make to understand that the crate is his house incase you are going out for a shopping or for a vacation; you can easily but him there and take him along.
Implement this puppy training techniques and your will never worry of your dog or puppy misbehaving again. Happy training

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