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house training a puppy
by robswatski

The shih tzu breed of dog is very cute and adorable with their irresistible charm, but it can be a difficult goal to achieve in shih tzu house training.

The shih tzu breed is known to be very stubborn, so if your having problems with you shih tzu your not alone. The key in house training your dog is to have an abundance of patience and perseverance no matter how stubborn he/she is. I recall having a problem with my shih tzu frequently urinating in my house even after I walked her, and to fix this problem I started taking her to the exact spot she urinated, spoke to her in a stern voice to make her know I’m serious, point at the mess she made and slightly spank her so she understand that she did something wrong, don’t abuse your dog just spank he/she moderately or sometime just put it in a kennel so they know the consequences of urinating or passing stool in the house.

After subjecting your dog to disciplinary action put he/she in a secluded area or a kennel so it can stay there and think about what it did for about an hour, it is very important not to pamper a dog after it made a mess in your house, else it won’t understand that it did something wrong and will do it again.

When cleaning up the mess, make sure to clean it with soapy water or a small amount of bleach, dogs tend to always sniff back to where they usually take care of their business, so to avoid repetitive messing clean the area thoroughly. Also walk your dog more frequently while following my procedures, and in no time your shih tzu house training will be complete.

This proven method worked for me, and if you try them they should also work for you. But please don’t abuse your dog, if you are a first time dog owner know that you have to be patience with the animal since it don’t know any better until you have trained it well.

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