House Training a Golden Retriever

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house training a puppy
by Malingering

Just when you thought your little golden ball of fur couldn’t get into any more trouble, you walk into your living room to find he has done it again. Your golden retriever, who looks so innocent, has managed to go to the bathroom on your rug again, and while you thought you were watching him. You may think that any training you are trying just isn’t working but the fact is that house training a golden retriever takes a lot of constant supervision from you, and as you already know, if you take your eyes off him for a second, he ends up in trouble.

House training a golden retriever begins with you, and you should keep a very close eye on your puppy. One way to easily do this is by using a crate. Crate training works well because it keeps him out of trouble especially when you can’t watch him because you are cooking dinner or have to run to the store. Crate training works by putting your pup in his crate for a short amount of time, or at bedtime. You will need to take him out every hour at first until his bladder matures and he can hold it for longer. Your retriever won’t go to the bathroom in his crate unless he absolutely has no other choice, so if he does soil his crate it just means you left him in there too long.

You should also remember to give your retriever lots of praise when he does something right, like go to the bathroom outside instead of inside. This will help him to realize that he did what you want and will do it again. Praising your dog works best if you do it when he is performing the action. You would say something like “good boy!” and maybe give him a treat. That way he knows that performing the action he is doing is desirable and he will try to repeat this again.

As you can see, house training a golden retriever does take some work from you, and may even result in some sleepless nights, but if you keep at it you won’t have to worry about messes on your rug anymore.

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