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house training a puppy
by robswatski

Owning a beagle is one of life’s great joys, but when it comes to house training them, things are a little bit different. Many people have trouble house training a beagle puppy mainly because of the beagle’s independent nature and tendency to run off after an unfamiliar scent. It may seem like your beagle may be impossible to house train right now, but you can do it if you are persistent and use the right method to train your puppy.

The best time to start house training your beagle is the same day you bring him home for the first time. If your puppy is under 16 weeks old, he may have a hard time controlling when and where he goes to the bathroom. Unless you are constantly watching him for signs that he has to go potty, like sniffing the floor for a good spot or walking around in circles, your puppy probably will go on your floor without you even realizing it.

Of course it is not always possible for you to watch your puppy every minute of every day so you may want to start using a crate early in the training cycle.

A crate is just a safe place for your puppy to sleep and should never be used as a way to punish your puppy. A crate is great for helping your beagle get used to holding it and going to the bathroom outside. Since a dog will try his best not to soil in his den, a crate can be a great advantage when house training.

If your beagle puppy does have an accident inside the best thing to do is just clean up the mess right away with a good pet sanitizer so your puppy can’t smell his scent and return to do it again. Scolding is only necessary if you actually catch your puppy in the act of going potty inside. Even then all you need is a firm “no!” and quickly take him outside if possible.

While house training a beagle puppy can be hard at times, remember to have plenty of patients and stick to your training routine.

If you do this you will have much more success when you are house training your beagle and it will be faster and easier for you. Remember that your beagle wants to please you but it is up to you to show him how to do that.


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