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house training a puppy
by Vox Efx

House training your English bulldog is one of the first things you should do when you bring him home. Like any other puppy, they have very small bladders and it may take a few months before they can hold it for longer than a few hours. This means you will need to keep a close eye on your puppy, and take him outside every hour or two. This takes patients sometimes, however if you keep it up you will have a very well trained puppy to show off to your friends.

The first thing you should know about English bulldog house training is that you need to get your puppy on a schedule ASAP. Your schedule should consist of what times to take your puppy outside to the bathroom, what times you feed your bulldog, and what time you will exercise him. Using this technique at the same time every day will help him get use to what time to go and will help eliminate accidents from happening on your rug.

Feeding and exercising him at the same time every day will help accomplish this as well.

Another technique you can use is crate training. This works very well for this breed and also keeps them safe when you won’t be around to keep an eye on him. Crate training lets you keep your puppy inside, without you having to worry about them going potty on your floor. You should never keep him in his crate longer than 2 hours when he is a young puppy. When you go outside for a bathroom break, you should always go to the same spot every time. This will help your bulldog become aware that this is his territory and he will get used to going in that spot.

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