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house training a puppy
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When you own a puppy, you have the obligation to make it behave properly to avoid problems. A way to do this is by house training your puppy.  You must remember though that it will take much of an effort on your part as well. You need to be vigilant and be patient. You also need to be committed to the training and be consistent about it.  Read on through to know the things you need to follow to be successful at training.

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Treat your puppy as you would treat a baby. Setting a schedule will teach him to follow a time to play, when to eat, and when he should go potty. This prevents having accidents inside the house or any other problems. You may also pick a spot outside your house where your puppy can take a break.

Using a leash at first to take your puppy to that spot is a great idea. Use a word or phrase when your puppy is eliminating. Use this word or phrase every time right before you puppy eliminates to make him understand what to do.

Have yourself ready to reward your puppy every time he does something right. But be sure however that you reward him only after he has finished what you want him to do. They are easily distracted at this age. Rewarding him too soon may abruptly stop him from what he is doing.

These are just the basics of house training your puppy. Other advanced training methods will be learned as your training progresses.

Your whole attitude towards house training your puppy is vital. Your puppy does not know what to do so you have to show him how. Remember to be kind to your puppy when training him so you will be successful at it. It does not matter what level your skills are, so start right now and enjoy a great relationship with your new companion.

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