Dog Obedience – Training Your Puppy Part 1

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house training a puppy
by Oberazzi

Owning a pet is a great thing, and owning a dog makes your life a little more interesting every day. Obviously, if you enjoy having a dog around the house. The thing is, dogs are generally full of energy – they enjoy playing, running therefore they make a great playmate for active people. However, remember that any pet needs to receive a certain amount of attention daily, and if you feel as if you cannot offer that degree of attention daily simply avoid getting a pet since you would make him more miserable than happy by keeping him alone in the house all day.

Nevertheless, since this article is not about whether to chose a dog as a pet or not, we shall focus more on the title. With dogs, as with many other pets, it is recommended to thoroughly train them in their first few months because later on you will have to destroy some already created routines, therefore it will be more difficult for you to train your pet.

 House training your puppy

Probably the most annoying part with pets is that they leave their smelly stuff all over the place if you do not manage to house train them at the right time.

At one point or another, everybody has experienced a puppy making a mess around the house and that is when you should start your pet’s training.

First of all, teach your puppy that he should go out at regular intervals – while in the beginning it may not show great success, you should take him out at certain hours (for example in the morning at 9 am, and in the afternoon at 5 pm). Second, whenever your dog goes in the house, you should let him now it is wrong by saying “No” with a firm voice and afterwards keep him on the balcony for 15 minutes or so.

Avoid hitting your dog since you will only send him away from you, making him your enemy rather than your pet.

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