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In another of our very popular articles on dog obedience training techniques we are going to teach you how to stop your dogs from digging in the garden.

Why dogs dig:

1. Burying bones and finding hem again is very exciting and enjoyable – it is an instant reward similar to the process of positive reinforcement – unfortunately we don’t want this to happen.


A hole in the ground is very cool and a nice place to lie when it is hot in the summer

3. It might be that your dog is pregnant and she digs a small den in the ground so that it is ready for the puppies when they are born.

4. Your pooch may be after moles and rats – another reward when they are caught.

5. Your dog may be copying your behavior

6. Due to separation anxiety – which is discussed below.

* Sometimes dogs and puppies choose to dig and uproot flowers and shrubs in the garden simply because they are bored. It may also be a symptom of separation anxiety – this can be treated through regular exercise and slow exposure to being left alone. There are some home remedies and prescription medications that can also cure this problem. If you think that your pooch is getting anxious when being left alone – start exercising him more and getting him really tired.

Don’t leave the back door open as it will be too tempting for your dog to go and cause trouble outside. If you are unable to supervise your dog place him in a Crate. Leaving toys with an anxious dog and something that has your scent on it can eliminate any digging problems.

* If you think your dog is likely to burrow in the garden – keep a close eye on him and don’t leave him unsupervised.

* Try putting wire mesh in the ground where he is digging as dogs hate the feel of this on there paws and claws.

* Build a sand pit – this is a great diversion technique – bury toys in the sand pit. This is an excellent cure.

* Reward positive behavior and ignore negative behavior.

* Remember that some dog breeds are more prone to digging so think carefully before you purchase your first dog.

We hope you found this article useful and will use some of the techniques that we have provided to cure this problem should you encounter it.


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