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house training a puppy
by robswatski

If you close the door of crate or playpen and find your dog is crying, you need to avoid letting him/her out. Once you let him/her out when he is crying, the dog will understand that he can give up anything he doesn’t want to do by crying. The exception to this rule is if you have forgotten to take him out to do his business first before locking him in. Always wait until your puppy is quiet before you let him out of his crate.


You have an alternative option for the dog’s crying when he is in the crate or dog playpen. You can cover the crate with an old clothes or anything like this. It can prevent the dog seeing you, which can make your dog calm down quickly. The only other exception to this is when you first get up in the morning or you have been gone longer than two hours and your puppy has probably something to relieve and needs to go out promptly.

Take him out right away.


Meanwhile, no matter how many hours you go out in the day, the first thing when you get home is to let the dog out promptly. When your dog is growing mature and has voluntary control over urinary and fecal discharge, he can hold it for long time. Please take a particular note that the time your doggy can hold it also depends on food and medication. Digestive upsets can cause your dog to go to the toilet much more often. Certain types of medications can raise water consumption, which, in future can cause a dog to eliminate much more often than normal. Always ask your veterinarian about the effects medications may have on your dog.


You need to place the crate or the dog playpen in your house to keep your dog away from bad weather, horrible sound and something like that.

Try to provide a nice environment for him/her to stay. Avoid placing food and water in the crate with your dog. Your dog’s crate should only contain an old towel, and a special chew item such as a stuffed Kong toy or a stuffed sterilized beef bone.


When your dog stays in the crate you can play some crate game with him. But when he goes out, you need to leave him alone and ignore him. You should make him understand that staying in the crate is better than going out of it. As we said above, most dogs will calm down quickly after you cover the crate with a clothes or something to prevent them seeing you. Besides that, offer something really good to chew to your dog when he is in the crate. Take it from him when he comes out of the crate. You need to confirm that your dog has had enough exercise before going to stay in the crate longer than twenty minutes. A tired dog doesn’t have energy to cry. You need to confirm that your dog has recently eliminated before staying in the crate for any length of time. Please remember not to let the dog out when he is crying. Try to wait until there is a moment of silence and then slip a treat to the back of the crate and then open the door. Make him understand that crying can’t change anything.

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