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house training a puppy
by Big Grey Mare ~ Back–But Barely

The real reason that most people start crate training puppies is to make house breaking a puppy so much easier, right? While there are plenty of other reasons, I agree that this reason is an amazing advantage. I want to go over the proper steps to take in order to be successful in your house breaking efforts.

I start every lesson the same way… A reminder.

Positive Reinforcement

The reason crate training puppies works so well is simply because it takes advantage of a natural reluctance in the dog to eliminate in it’s sleeping area. This reluctance allows for their potty schedule to be very planned out and predictable. Your puppy seems to need to go potty every X minutes. By crating the puppy about an hour before X minutes is reached, then taking the puppy outside immediately 15 minutes prior to X being reached, we have a very well thought out plan of how we’re going to make this potty training work.

Crate training puppies isn’t the be all and end all, though.

House breaking a puppy is still a lot of work as puppies need to eliminate very frequently.

Another thing to keep in mind when trying to schedule potty times is that puppies will often times need to eliminate very shortly after eating, playing, or sleeping.

Should an accident happen when crate training puppies, make sure you clean the mess very thoroughly with an ammonia free cleaner. Ammonia has a smell related to urine and may encourage repeated elimination in that area. Don’t scold your puppy for this. It will only work against you.

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