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Dogs make wonderful pets and excellent companions. They have always been known as “man’s best friend”. But in order to be a good household pet and a good doggy citizen they need to be trained. They also need to be trained to be safe and happy members of your family.

You should start training your puppy for obedience as soon as he arrives at your house. The training will be ongoing until he is about a year old and then while he may be considered “fully trained”, you will still need to work with him to keep his skills sharp for the rest of his life. A well-trained dog is a pleasure to own and a pleasure to be around.

The number one rule of dog training is that you must be the “alpha dog”. Some people may not like that term but the fact is that dogs are pack animals and they expect to have a leader. You must be the leader and all of the human members of your family must outrank your dog in the pack order.

Dogs will do anything for the leader of the pack so that must be you.

You must not ever allow your dog to show dominance. Teach him to wait for his food until you are ready to give it to him. Do not ever let him eat before you do. This is a subtle thing that is important when establishing dominance.

Do not ever allow your puppy to do things that you will not allow him to do as an adult dog. This includes jumping and nipping at you. One of the most important things in training a dog is consistency. A dog cannot reason like a human and he will not understand that it is okay to jump on you in your play clothes but not in your business suit. He also won’t understand why he could do something as a puppy but he can’t continue to do it as an adult dog.

Be consistent.

A crate will make all of your training easier. Dogs actually want a comfy and cozy place that is their own and they feel safe and secure in a crate. At the beginning your puppy may whine but you will need to just leave him there and he will adjust. A crate will make housetraining and obedience training both much easier.

It is important for your dog’s own safety to sit and stay. You must be able to get your dog to stop and stay if necessary. It is important to be able to control you dog at times and you will need to make sure that he is compliant with your commands in order to avoid problems like running off or jumping all over the visitors to your house.

Training your dog to walk on a leash and to heel is also an important lesson. And after the basics you will probably want to teach your dog some fun things like fetching. A well-trained dog makes the best pet so do not slack on your duties as a responsible pet-owner.

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