An Introduction To Effective Puppy Training

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house training a puppy
by Terry Bain

There are few things in life as wonderful as a puppy. These little bundles of energy are as cute as can be, and they bring out the best in us. They can provide a lifetime of friendship and even teach our children responsibility as they learn to care for another creature. It can be satisfying to turn that unrestrained ball of energy into a well-behaved and loyal friend. To do this, all dog owners need to spend a certain amount of time in puppy training.

It is important to recognize that sometimes, puppies require professional instruction from an experienced obedience trainer. They are useful in situations where an owner can’t invest much time in training, or when there is a particular problem that home training hasn’t helped. It’s also important for your pet to receive proper veterinary care so that they are as healthy as can be and are best prepared to learn.

For your pet’s safety, as well as your family’s safety, there are some commands that must be learned right away. For instance, puppies naturally chew and bite on things as they play. Right from the start, they must be trained to not nip at family members. While it may be cute and painless now, as the dog grows it may become dangerous for this type of play to continue. It’s best to begin to break the biting habit the day they come home.

Another area of training that is important is teaching the puppy that the people in the home are the ones who are in command of them. Let it know there are areas where it is allowed, and other places it is not. Having a crate available is a great way to emphasize this. Your pet will learn that it is okay for it to be in its crate, but not on the couch for instance.

A vital piece of information for a puppy to learn is the “come” command. It is dangerous for pets to run loose. At worst it could be lost or injured, or at best it could bother other people by wandering someplace it is not welcome. Neither option is acceptable, so this is an enormously important thing for your pet to learn.

An aspect of training that also needs to be addressed immediately is house breaking. It is important for the health of your pet and for everyone in the household that the puppy has a place to eliminate its wastes in the proper location. This is a difficult and long process sometimes. Here is another area where the crate will be enormously helpful, as animals will usually not eliminate where they sleep.

There are many sources to use to learn the best ways to train a puppy. Additionally, different methods may work better than others for any specific pet. There are many books on dog training available, and websites offer advice. You may be able to find free or low-cost training seminars at pet food stores or humane societies. Plus professional trainers are always available for those times you need them.

Animals enrich our lives as they become beloved additions to our families. It is important that our pets are trained, and trained properly so that they stay safe and happy. With a little guidance, your dog can be trained to be the best that they can be as they delight us with their affection and playful nature.

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